Polish Association of Building Managers, PL

PABM was formed in cooperation with AEEBC and CIOB – international organizations for the subjects and national European institutions – in order to educate and certificate the managerial building personnel. PSMB works on the non-profit rule. It does not exercise any privileges or the statutory membership imperative for particular professional organizations. The factual basis for the activity of the Association was formed with the support of the European Union resources in order to even out the qualifications of Polish building managers to the European standards and to prepare them to conduct business activity on the international market. The main aims of PSMB are as follows: Supporting obtaining the managerial qualifications essential in conducting professional activity in construction; Help in recognition of the managerial competences on the European Union market; Integration of the managerial activity in building; Cooperation with similar foreign associations.



Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej Politechnika Warszawska, PL

The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology

The Faculty of Civil Engineering was established in 1826 and thus is one of the three oldest faculties of Warsaw University of Technology (WUT). The Faculty employs 180 academic staff including 27 professors, 12 associate professors and 87 assistant professors. The Faculty cooperates on a permanent basis with: the University of Michigan in the USA; Gedyminas Technical University in Vilnius, Lithuania; Moscow Civil Engineering Academy in Russia and Dnepropetrovsk State Academy of Civil Engineering in the Ukraine, Liege University, RWTH in Aachen, Catholic University in Leuven, Research Institute in Lubljane and National Institute if Standard and Technology in Gaithersburg, Purdue University – USA, Minho University – Portugal, and many more. Research works connected with managerial qualifications and competences are run at the Department of Construction Technology and Management.

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Vilniaus statybininku rengimo centras, LT

Viešoji įstaiga Vilniaus statybininkų rengimo centras/Vilnius Builders Training Centre (VSRC) is a vocational institution providing vocational education and training for young people (from 15 years of age) and adults (retraining courses). The Centre was founded in 1946 and is one of the main providers of quality vocational education and training in Lithuania. The Centre offers a diverse range of courses and excellent facilities in the main area of Building and Construction. Areas of study include: Brickwork, Joinery and Carpentry, Decoration/Finishing, Furniture making, Landscaping, Restoration/ Refurbishment, Building electrician, Plumbing, Real estate services. The Centre is a leading institution at national level in the continuing training system of the building sector. Its main experience is the methodological expertise in life-long learning, development of qualifications and training schemes. The Centre is certified with ISO EN 9001 since 2013. The total number of students studying at the Centre is 1100, and the number of teaching staff is 90. The training is performed in the workshops and laboratories equipped with up-to-date machinery and tools. All staff at the Centre have gained valuable, first hand experience working in their chosen fields. VSRC has established close networking links with employers and local industry, Vilnius College, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, which ensure that the courses prepare students for the careers they intend to pursue. Since 1999 the Centre has been actively involved in different national and European projects and has developed close cooperation with a number of European VET institutions. In 2015 the Centre became one of the 14 VET organisations in Lithuania to be awarded the Erasmus+ Mobility Charter.

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Centro Edile Andrea Palladio (CEAP) is a vocational training center devoted to construction sector and located in Vicenza District (northeast of Italy). It was founded in 1948 on the initiative of the Constructors’ Association of Vicenza and the members of the Trade Unions to boost the vocational training in the building sector as an essential tool to refine workers’ technical skills and to improve their efficiency and productivity. CEAP employs around 40 staff including training, technical and  administrative staff with full-time, part-time and casual contracts. CEAP, which provides training to approximately 2.500 workers, apprentices and students per year, is acknowledged at governmental level by Veneto Region for education and training in lifelong learning, apprenticeship, Higher Education, Compulsory Education for young pupils from 15 to 18 years old and Health and Safety issues, regulated by Italian law, for construction workers. CEAP is thus registered in the Italian net of certified Vocational Training Centers and it is recognized by Formedil which is a coordinating organization for vocational training in construction operating at national level. CEAP’s quality system is certified ISO 9001: 2008. CEAP, which has absolutely peculiar traditions of bilateralism, by virtue of a constant elaboration of the social partners in the collective bargaining agreement, is directed by a Board of administrators made up of six members elected on equal basis by the social parts representing workers and employers. CEAP counts on a network of technical staff operating in different areas of the province who perform tailored training throughout the territory and thanks to its  multifunctional approach that combines training needs analysis, design, guidance, monitoring and evaluation, grants a more effective response to the requirements of labour market. Besides, CEAP works closely with Local Authorities (i.e. Municipality), in order to facilitate the retraining of unemployed people to be reintroduced in the labour market. CEAP established strong relationships with other training centers and organizations in Europe aiming at improving its training capacity through staff’s direct experience of best practices. Another important goal of its internationalization process is to adopt approaches and methodologies, also by developing innovative teaching methods, to improve the quality and attractiveness of its vocational training system, in line with the challenges posed by environmental and demographic changes and to respond to the rapid growth in demand of new and updated skills in science and technology that profoundly affect the labour market.
Since year 2007 CEAP is hosting and placing in construction companies students and apprentices from all over Europe. During these years CEAP hosted around 400 trainees from different European training centers and organizes mobility experiences for its students and staff with overall objective to implement and share a new attitude in the national construction culture among connected stakeholders by developing and testing advanced methodologies and construction techniques on Green Building area through the study and analysis of outstanding examples considered top level in Europe.

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The ERBUD Group (construction company) has over 25 years of experience in the completion of prestigious construction projects. Our activities are carried out in the following segments: large volume construction, road-engineering, industrial construction, technical engineering and services for the power industry. The Group operates on the Polish market and in other EU countries. ERBUD SA performs as prime contractor projects in the field of commercial buildings, public facilities, energy sector, housing and road-engineering. ERBUD has a staff of experienced, highly qualified civil engineers and specialists. The company complies with ISO and AQAP quality standards and introduces innovative and green technologies to the projects it completes. Since 2007, ERBUD SA is a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and a part of the largest companies in WIG 80 and Construction WIG index.

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Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego, PL

CKZiU No. 1 in Warsaw was created on 1st September 2015 by a resolution of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw and was formed from the combination of CKU No. 3 and ZS No. 24, including Technikum Budowlane nr 5 (Secondary technical school of construction no 5) in Warsaw, which are institutions with many years of experience in vocational and adult education training in many specialities for youth and adults. Educational activities related to vocational training date back to 1959. CKZiU No. 1 conducts vocational training in youth classes in construction, landscape architecture and renewable energy equipment and systems. The number of students : youth school – 190 students, schools for adults – 596 students. The school has a mandate of Central Examination Board to conduct qualification examinations. It is an examination center. There are 58 teachers, including 15 vocational teachers, 2 librarians, 3 pedagogues. CKZiU no. 1 cooperates with the Center of Practical Education in Warsaw.

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